Happiness is…………

I do so love a good food market.  In the past , I have got all excited only to be disappointed by a few but when you find a good one, you spread the word.

This morning my eldest son , Miguel and Antonio tackled their first mountain bike race.  They do alot of mountain biking but have never done a race so as part of their training for the annual Cape Argus Cycle Tour, they decided to do a 53 km race out in a beautiful part of the world, Franschoek.  This area is known for its good restaurants, lavender fields and alot more.  Lots of artisan foodies out there.

After a very early start of 4 30 am, they were sent off with food, drink and a prayer.  Josh and I were at home and once he had risen I decided that the two of us should head down to the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront to visit a new food market.  It was all so worth it.  The market has only been going  for two months but it is a wonderful place to spend a few hours on a saturday morning.  Markets have popped up all over the place the last few years .  Some really good,  while others left alot to be desired.  Ofcourse it helps when the scenery around is as beautiful as Cape Town with Table Mountain just in front  as one looks up.

There were tea stockiest, biltong shacks, sushi bars, jams and jellies, taiwanese food, beautiful roast beef burgers and lots more  but the one that got our attention was the mozzarella stand.

Josh thinking about what he should taste first

Josh thinking about what he should taste first

beautiful rolls of mozzarella with either anchovies or sun dried tomato.

beautiful rolls of mozzarella with either anchovies or sun dried tomato.



Just 2 days ago, whilst getting through the pile of ironing, I watched a program with Antonio Carlucci and Gennaro Contaldo where they visited a family run mozzarella business and were served burrata .  Well , low and behold, this stand had burrata and I had to have some.  It is truly artisanal as it is a beautiful ball of cheese but when broken open it is filled with strands of mozzerella as creamy as anything.  

strands of creamy cheese

strands of creamy cheese

Lunch after a grueling 53km race in 39 deg heat

Lunch after a grueling 53km race in 39 deg heat

Their was a stand stocking ducks and rabbits.  They werent fresh and running around but one has to take what you can get sometimes.  I dont think the general public would take kindly to that thought down here anyway.  I love the tender , gentle  flavour of rabbit so had to have some kebabs.  I just seasoned them with salt and pepper and fried them quickly in a combination of butter and olive oil then drizzled with a bit of fresh lemon.  Absolutely delicious they were. I dont understand why this beautiful form of protein is not used more often.  




So happiness is …………………a good food market where one can buy quality produce and eat like kings .

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